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這禮拜我們下課前有撿蛋活動, 大家都玩得很開心.

我們這禮拜著重在注音的練習上面 小朋友們進步很多

但是小考的部分 大家進步空間還很大 希望家長們可以陪小朋友們一起念課文跟唱這首注音歌

這禮拜我們一起唱的歌是造飛機  也請家長們跟小朋友們一起唱這首大家耳熟能詳的歌曲

作業: 作業本P19-23


期末表演我們會唱一首歌 拔蘿蔔:


What we learned this week:
1.Lesson 3
2.Practice Zu-Yin flash card, and workbook.
3.Quiz: Lesson1.
4. We sing 造飛機:
5. Egg hunt.

HW: Workbook :P19-23
Quiz:Lesson 2

We have perfromance in the end of semester, we will perform拔蘿蔔
Please practice this song often.

It's very happy to see kids growing, and learning day by day.
I enjoy playing and teaching with them.

See you all on 4/22, No School on 4/15(Easter).

Have a great weekend, and happy Easter!

Connie Liu

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