Sunday, September 17, 2017



又度過了一個開心的中文課, 這禮拜我們開始了說故事時間,除了可以讓小朋友發揮想像力以外,也可以讓小朋友習慣在大家面前演說.

(貓先生愛釣魚) 跟上禮拜一樣, 請家長們陪同看這部影片並發揮想像力寫自己的結局

這禮拜有小考, 注音的部分還請多幫小朋友加強



Hi parents,

We had a great time last Sat., we watched the video again, and students have their own speech about the story. It is a very good way to practice Chinese, and kids can create their own story. Of course they also will learn how to have a public speech in front of others.

This week, homework is
Mr. Cat love fishing. Please watch this video with your kid, and have them to create their own story.

We had quiz last Sat. please help your kid to correct the answer.

We will start Lesson 6 next Sat.

Have a great day!

Connie Liu

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