Monday, October 16, 2017



希望大家都度過一個愉快的秋假, 上個禮拜我們結束了課本的第六課
下次上課會一起結束第六課的作業本, 也會開始第七課的上半段

我們每個禮拜都會一起讀一本書 然後請小朋友一起討論 大家都很踴躍舉手發言 , 是很好的現象

這禮拜作業是請家長們陪小朋友練習注音符號 期末考會考

Hi parents,

Hope you all had a great fall break!
We finished Lesson 6 last week, and will finish L6 workbook this Sat.

We read a book every time, and students work together with the questions.
It helps students learning Chinese.

Homework: Please practice Zu-Yin with your child. Final exam will have Zu-Yin part.

Thank you!

Connie Liu

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