Monday, October 30, 2017



上禮拜我們有小考,大家普遍都有進步, 希望家長們多幫小孩練習四聲的部分, 第二堂課我們有萬聖節派對 謝謝家長們的幫忙,讓我們跟Ashley兩個班有個開心的派對, 這個禮拜我們會練習第七課的後半段 預計可以結束第七課
作業: P55-57


Hi parents,

We had quiz last week, everybody got better score than last time. Great job!
I hope parents can help kids to practice homework at home.
We had a great Halloween Party last Sat. Thank you for parents' help! We had a great time with Ashley's class.

This Sat. we will finish Lesson 7.
Homework: P55-57

Thank you and have a great day!

Connie Liu

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