Sunday, November 5, 2017



這個禮拜大家都有做作業, 先謝謝家長的配合, 也請繼續保持下去

這禮拜我們結束了課本的第七課的部分 也大量練習了注音跟造字

作業: 作業本的P58-59
小考: 第四五六課

Hi parents,

This week, every students did their homework, great job! Please keep doing this.

We finished Lesson 7 this week, and we practice lots of Zu-Yin, and make word's game. Please practice Zu-Yin at home with your kid at lease once a week.

Homework: Workbook: P58-59
Quiz: Lesson 4 5 6

Thank you

Connie Liu

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