Sunday, November 12, 2017



這禮拜我們有三個學生缺席, 希望大家下禮拜恢復元氣健健康康來上課!

另外 我們也享受了校長準備的早餐 小朋友們都吃得很開心! 這都是大家努力寫功課的結果 希望持續下去!

我們這禮拜大量練習了注音 與四聲的練習 注音是基礎, 希望家長也可以在家跟小朋友練習 譬如: 我由ㄨㄛˇ組成 家長可以跟小朋友練習注音的組合

作業:練習456三課的注音練習 我們下禮拜會在課堂上練習456課的小考

Hi parents,

This week, there were three students absent. Hope to see everybody next week!

We did enjoy breakfast from Irene, kiddos were very happy. Please keep doing homework!

We practiced lots of ZuYin, it is the foundation to learn Chinese. Hope parents spend some time with your kid to practice ZuYin.
For example, I(我) compose with ㄨㄛˇ. You can find some more vocabulary to practice.

We will have final exam on 12/2.

Thank you!


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