Tuesday, December 5, 2017



上禮拜我們舉行了期末考,如我們預期 大家這次都過關了!!
大家這學期很開心了學了注音 也很感謝家長們這學期的配合
第一節課開放教學觀摩 歡迎有興趣的家長參加
請家長們準備$5元左右的禮物(同性別,女生就買女生的禮物並包裝為女生顏色,男生請包裝為男生顏色 謝謝)
我會準備飲料跟點心 如果家長們想要準備點心也很感謝
我們這禮拜六也會有我們自己班上的頒獎 請務必來參加


Hi parents,

We did the final exam last Sat., we all pass the final!
We had a great semester this year, and thank you for all of your effort and help!
This coming Sat. is the last class.
The first period, parents are welcome to join us to see how kids learning.
The second period, we are going to have gift exchange X'mas party.
Please prepare around $5.00 gift, if your kid is girl, please buy girl's gift, and wrap in girl's color, if boy, please wrap in boy's color.
I will prepare drink and snacks, if you want to send some snacks, that will be great!
We also will have award ceremony during the party. Parents are welcome to join us!

Thank you again for all of your help! I am very pleasure to have these wonderful students!

Connie Liu

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