Wednesday, January 24, 2018



很歡迎大家回來, 我們今年的K班目標是將注音拼法與四聲更熟悉
功課會出比上學期多,因為大家程度更好 可以從練習功課中將中文底子練得更紮實
這禮拜我們學習了第八課的前半段 功課:P61-65
請家長們陪小孩練習功課, 我們也期望這學期也可以吃到校長的早餐!

Hi parents,

Welcome back! It's very glad to see all of you! Our K class' goal is to learn how to spell Zu-Yin, and four tone.
We will have more homework this semester. I hope we can dig deep this semester to build a good foundation before we upgrade to Level 1!

We have learn Lesson 8, the first half. Homework: P61-65.
Please spend time with your kid, we hope to have Irene's breakfast this semester as well!

Please make sure text book, and workbook are in kid's backpack.

Thank you!

Connie Liu

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