Tuesday, January 30, 2018



上個禮拜大家都有做作業! 我們已經完成1/4校長早餐囉!
期待這禮拜大家也繼續維持寫作業 小朋友都大了一歲 增加作業量可以幫助他們更熟悉中文, 基礎也會打得更好!
這禮拜 我們學習了第八課的後半段 P52-55 請家長們有空陪小孩複習一遍
我們練習了注音拼法 跟字卡競爭比賽 大家玩得很開心 也更加認識動物 水果與蔬菜 下禮拜我們會有交通工具的字卡競爭比賽 難度略高 但是多練習幾次 我相信大家會更熟悉
我們也玩了大風吹的團體遊戲  增加大家開口說整句中文的機會 反應很熱烈

這禮拜作業:P69-P71 作業本其餘的頁數我們會在課堂上完成

Hi parents,

Last Sat. all of our students have done their homework! We are 3/4 away to get free breakfast!  Hope we can be the first class to get this award!

Last Sat. we finish L8 the second half, P52-55, please take some time to practice with them.  We did more spelling, name cards competition, they now recognize more animals, fruits, and vegitables. We will have practice transpotations name cards next week, it will be harder.
We also have a team game, called Da-Fon-Treah. It helps kids to speak more sentences, and they loved it!

Homework this week: P69-P71. The rest of pages will be done this Sat.

Have a great day!


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