Monday, February 12, 2018



很開心在中文學校過年慶祝活動看到大家熱情參與, 也祝大家新年快樂!

我們已經連續兩周交齊作業, 期盼這禮拜會是第三周大家交齊作業
也歡迎Ella回美! 期待禮拜六跟大家見面!

上禮拜我們教了第九課前半段 作業:P73-75 請家長們陪伴小孩練習
另外校長欠缺Band的照片,如果家長們有拍照片 也請分享給我  謝謝

另外我們這周有第八課小考 請家長們陪小孩複習第八課 謝謝!

這禮拜開始我們會有集點卡的小遊戲 每滿二十點有小禮物
一點: 9:35分之前到達教室, 上課秩序良好, 踴躍舉手發問以及回答,
兩點: 準時寫作業, 小考有準備(由老師判定)

Dear parents,

I am very happy to see all of you last Sat.. Thank you for joining the Chinese New Year Celebration! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!

We welcome Ella back to the States, and she will come back to class this coming Sat.!

Homework this week: P73-75, please help your kids to finish it! We have reach two weeks in a row. Hope to get Irene's breakfast soon!

We will have quiz as well: L8, please also spend sometime to practice with them!

 From this Sat, we are going to have "Point Card" rule, every 20 point gets a reward.

1 point: Arrive class before 9:35, Ask questions, Answer question, Keep the order.
2 point: Do homework, Prepare Quiz(Judge by teacher)

Thank you and see you on Sat.


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