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很快的一個禮拜又過去了, 這禮拜我們學習了第十課的前半段,也大量練習了注音拼法語發音, 小朋友們都表現得很好, 集點卡分數也越來越高!
上禮拜大家都有交作業!給家長們掌聲鼓勵! 期望這禮拜大家可以都交作業 這樣我們就可以有校長早餐當獎勵!

作業:P79 80 81

另外 我會帶一些書本去學校, 每個小朋友每個禮拜可以帶一本書回家,請家長們協助閱讀, 如果家長們有困難, 請跟我說, 我再來想辦法

Hi parents,

This week, we learned Lesson 10, the first half, and practice Zui-Yin.
Everybody did very good job! And most of them collect more point on their point cards.

We only have one more homework done ahead to get free breakfast! Hope everybody did homework this week!

HW: P79 80 81.

Also, I will bring books to school this week. Kids can borrow one book each week to home, please read with your kids! If parents have problem to read Zui-Yin, Let me know.

Have a great day!

Connie Liu

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