Wednesday, February 21, 2018



上禮拜小考, 大家普遍都考得很好, 希望繼續保持下去.
上禮拜我們結束了第九課 作業是:P76 77
請家長們陪伴小孩一起寫作業 我們還差兩個禮拜可以吃校長早餐!
集點卡大家都很踴躍 因為紙張比較小 所以下課我會統一收回
我們這禮拜讀了"爸爸送我的一捧星光" 是心靈成長繪本 師友文化發行的
小朋友聽得很高興 我們目標是每個禮拜讀一本書 裡面也有注音
如果家長們有興趣 我這邊有二三十本台灣帶回來的繪本  歡迎借閱

Dear parents,

We had L8 quiz last Sat., most of students got good grade! Hope to keep it on!
We finished L9 last week, Homework: P76-77. Please help your kids to do that.
Everybody loves the point card game! It helped me to encourage kids to answer questions. I collected the cards in case they lose it. Once they got 20 points, I will return it.

We read one book every week, this week, we read"A star from dad". Kids love this book very much. I do have around 20-30 books with Zu-Yin beside from Taiwan. You are welcome to borrow!

Have a good day!

Connie Liu

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