Thursday, March 15, 2018



先給自己掌聲鼓勵鼓勵! 國語K班終於湊滿四次獲得校長免費早餐了! 請家長們3/24號那個禮拜早點帶小朋友來吃早餐!

因為年紀關係 我希望家長們可以讓小孩上台講至少5-10個句子的演講稿
可以拿著稿子上台 也考慮到部分家長中文識字能力有限

這次的演講比賽 男生請繫上領帶 女生要穿正式的裙子 請家長們配合 謝謝

另外 3/24演講比賽的時候 我需要一個家長當自願者幫忙錄影 有時間的家長請跟我聯絡 謝謝

3/24號我們會有復活節採蛋派對 我需要家長們各自準備一打的蛋 裡面也請塞好糖果玩具等等 若是有家長們想提供小點心 飲料 也先謝謝了!

Dear parents,

Congrats to Heritage K class gets free breakfast! Thank you for every parents's help!  Please arrive on time on 3/24 to enjoy our reward!

3/24 is our speech contest, please have your boys wear shirt and tie, girls dress up as well. Our class age is still little, but I hope at least have 5-10 sentences of speech would be better. I will send out individual email to all of you to help out the speech contest.
I need one volunteer to help me record the contest, please contact me if you are interest. I appreciate!

3/24 We are going to have Ester Egg Hunt party! Please bring 12 stuff  eggs to the class, and have your kids bring basket for collecting eggs. Please bring drinks, snacks for party if you want! That would be wonderful!

Can't wait to see everybody next Sat.!


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