Wednesday, April 4, 2018



大家在演講比賽表現得都很棒! 我會在課堂上頒獎.
由於我們班年紀比較小 沒有參加正式的計分 但是我非常的以大家為榮

這禮拜也會有頒獎 乃森同學也會有一個小禮物 恭喜

4/7小考:第九課跟第十課 請家長們陪同練習

每個禮拜小朋友會借一本書回去,請家長們務必把書放到書包 方便下一個同學閱讀

Dear parents,

Last week, everybody was doing awesome job on their speech contest. I am so proud of them! Thank you for parents' hard working. I will have award time this Sat.. Due to the age, we were practice, not join the contest. But I will still host award time by ourselves. I want to let kids know they are awesome on their speech contest. So everybody will get their own award.

We are happy to announce Ben is the first one to collect 20 points. Congratulations to him! Just a reminder, being on time gets one point, done homework gets two points, prepare quiz gets one point..etc.

4/7 Quiz: L9-L10, please practice with your kids.

Every student will bring one book back from school, please make sure you put it back to backpack for the next student.

Thank you, and happy East Holiday!


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