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上禮拜六大家做了總複習, 也排演了小老鼠上登台跟捏泥巴的期末表演
大家好,我是XXX,我X歲,謝謝大家. 當然如果小朋友願意多加一句我最喜歡XXX也很好

考試範圍: L8-L12
考試類型: 1.圈出正確答案 2.填上四聲 3.連連看 4.填注音 5.說說看
請家長們在家裡與小朋友練習 需要60分及格才可以繼續留在本班

Dear parents,

We had final performance rehearsal last Sat.. Everybody did very good job!
Please practice how to introduce themselves at home.
Hi everybody, my name is XXX(in Chinese), X years old. My favorite thing is XXX, thank you!

Next week is our final exam. Lesson 8-Lesson 12.
It will have the correct answer. 2. Fill in the tones. 3. Match 4.Fill up ZuYing. 5.Listen and Speak.

Students will need to score 60, and up to stay in this class.

Thank you!

Connie Liu

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